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Dzi (pronounced Zee) is a Tibetan word used to describe a patterned, usually agate, of mainly oblong, round, cylindrical or tabular shape pierced lengthwise called Heaven's Bead (tian zhu) in Chinese.

The meaning of the Tibetan word "Dzi" translates to "shine, brightness, clearness, splendour". The beads originate in the Tibetan cultural sphere and can command high prices and are difficult to come by. They are found primarily in Tibet, but also in neighbouring Bhutan, Ladakh and Sikkim. Shepherds and farmers pick them up in the grasslands or while cultivating fields. Because dZi are found in the earth, Tibetans cannot conceive of them as man-made. Since knowledge of the bead is derived from oral traditions, few beads have provoked more controversy concerning their source, method of manufacture and even precise definition. This all contributes to making them the most sought after
and collectable beads on earth.

延 传于西藏至今约2000至 2500年之久,被西藏人视为活的宝石,是佛教圣物,为藏密七宝之一。相传,天珠原是属于“天神的宝物”,传奇地降到人间,被藏族人发现,因而受到虔诚膜 拜和恭敬收藏供养,世代相传,成为西藏人精神与实质上无限珍贵的财富。西藏人认为,要有很大的福报与缘分才能够拥有一颗老天珠,一旦拥有了它,便是无限福 慧的开始。


国 早在唐朝时期就已有关于天珠的记载,唐文成公主下嫁藏王松赞干布时,最珍贵的陪嫁品是根据释尊十二岁时的身相所铸造的释迦佛像,千里迢迢地从长安送到西 藏,佛像的佛冠、批肩、饰带及法衣上,镶了诸多珍珠、玛瑙、绿松石、珊瑚及百余颗各式各样的天珠,包括三颗九眼天珠,及三眼天珠、二眼天珠、宝瓶天珠、虎 纹天珠和其它带眼天珠等,华丽精美。目前这尊释迦牟尼佛现安奉于拉萨(Lhasa)大昭寺的释迦殿内。由此可见,天珠自古以来就是供佛的圣品,也是珍稀尊 贵的宝物。

自 于西藏矿区的至纯千年老天珠,蕴藏于喜马拉雅山域,是稀有宝石。天珠为九眼石页岩,含有玉质及玛瑙成份,外表颜色大致分为黑棕色至浅棕色,其图腾为乳白色 线纹,深至中心点。其内部结构具有天然宇宙强烈的正性磁场,重量重而质地细密,硬度高。经日本研究证实为三、四千年前,火星上的陨石,撞击在喜马拉雅山 域,使天珠在强烈撞击下产生含有十四种火星上的元素,尤以“镱”元素的磁场特别强烈,造成天珠有不可思议的神奇感应。


西藏 至纯千年老天珠为稀有之宝物,具有超自然之磁场。用于供佛,能感召庄严的容颜及人际关系与财源之顺畅,有利于菩萨道之展开。天珠的磁场还具有收摄平和心性 的功能,有助于修行者引导心性趣入悲智圆满的境界。天珠的纯天然能量磁波能平衡室内正负能量,改变磁场,驱除一切晦气、恶煞,具有扶正抗邪之强烈特性。能 以超自然能量之神力,挡开无预警状态下所发生的一切事故,使大事化小,小事化无。拥有天珠乃福慧圆满之象征,佩带者常有心想事成的感觉,能促进谈话时的气 氛和谐,帮助人际关系之开展,使凡事自信,事业蒸蒸日上。直至今日,天珠仍深获世界各地人们的种爱,是护身、修持、健康的圣品,也是地位财富的象征。


YeKang's Dzi Beads. 悦康的天珠。

Our Dzi Beads are all natural and "100%" ORIGINAL.

Vexing over which Dzi Beads suits u most ?
Below are meanings and descriptions of different Dzis which caters to special individuals!


One Eyed Dzi Beads:
Promote Safety and Obstacle Cleansing and Attraction of All Auspicious Signs to the Owner. Obstacles faced by the Owner will be netted by the dzi's unique pattern and Safety as well as Prosperity will be replaced in its place. This Dzi can assist the owner with possessing special powers, immeasurable control and authority. It also signifies auspiciousness. Dzi "One-Eyed" is a symbol of light and hope, enhances human wisdom and brings forth happiness for life, realizes your wishes. The single eyed Dzi bead stands for a beacon of light and hope. This powerful eye is believed to enhance human wisdom, and bring forth happiness for life.

象征母亲, 夫妻感情美满谐和家庭和睦智慧增长。适合女性,情人,夫妻配带

Two Eyes Dzi Beads

Prays for a happy and stable marriage and a harmonious family, ensures success and also improves human wisdom. This particular item is very popular in Tibet to be worn to promote the Bodhisattva Nature, Compassion and All Auspicious Signs to the Owner. Obstacles faced by the Owner will be netted by the Dzi`s unique pattern and Wisdom as well as Compassion will be replaced in its place. This item is widely sought for its Bodhisattva properties. The 2-Eyed Dzi bead is said to represent the harmonious concept of Yin & Yang. The concept of Yin & Yang governs every relationship in this world, bringing about balance in life, energy, relations and should ideally be complementary. Yang is represented by light or day, activity or movement, strength and rigidity, and also male energy. Yin is symbolized by darkness, flexibility, softness, stationery energy, is silent and also female energy. The 2-Eyed Dzi bead is thus significant for enhancing stability and balance, especially in a marriage and in the cultivation of harmonious family relations. It also brings appropriate balance between an individual’s thought and action, allowing his efficient pursuit of career and goals in a wiser manner. Matrimonial harmony and family bliss. Growth in wisdom. The 2 eyed Dzi enables harmony between husband and wife; build a happy family, successful career, and good relationships with others.


象征身口意, 善缘广来, 天时地利人和, 为工作事业创造机会,适合业务, 创业, 管理人事之配带

Three Eyes Dzi Beads:
Symbolizes rolling in heavy wealth. The 3-Eyed bead is said to be the manifest of the expression of the Hindu wealth god, the Kubera. He originates from the Himalayas, but is worshiped by other Buddhists as well from around the world. Look, two eyes represent his eyes and the other one is his mouth. Having performed austerities for a thousand years, in regard for which Brahma asked him to safeguard and distribute evenly the treasures of the earth by karmic rewards. Enable One to Connect to All 3 Key Components i.e. Body, Mind & Heart. Achieve Good Health, Success & Wealth. Among the Dzi bead culture, the 3-Eyed Dzi bead is regarded as the unofficial “wealth” bead. This Dzi bead is believed to still possess the power to make conditions favorable, for which you could make the most of to enjoy general fortune, not only in terms of wealth. It is believed that the 3 eye bead will bring happiness wealth and prosperity to its owner. The 3 eye Dzi bead is a symbol of the God of Wealth in Tibet. It will enhance its owner ability to accumulate wealth by crystallizing money-making opportunities for him. The three eyed Dzi bead represents the three stars of luck, happiness, honor, and longevity. It is the bead of wealth and health to bring continuous fortune.



Eight Eyed Dzi Bead
Helps avoid calamities and injuries, ensures safety in human life. This Dzi helps the owner to receive Blessings from the 8 Directional Bodhisattvas. The 8-Eyed Dzi bead has one known interpretation by a revered lama as follows. The 8 eyes represent the 8 Treasures of Buddhism, the conch shell (sacred sounds), the wheel of dharma (spreading & teachings of Buddhism), sacred parasol (to protect), lotus flower (purity & goodness), sacred vase (holds wisdom), goldfish (drives off evil), the banco (eternity). The qualities of the 8 Treasures create harmony & fulfillment within a person, and impetus in facing the daily challenges of life. This Dzi helps as well to guard against calamities and catastrophes. Assists the owner in finding and staying on their proper path.


Nine Eyed Dzi Beads:
Builds up a lenient and caring heart for you, helps you gain fame and benefits. Increases the owner’s wealth. 9 Eye is one of the most sought after, believed to represent the 9 planetary systems and its essence. This Dzi is touted as a window to wisdom. The 9-Eyed Dzi bead endows the wearer to expand his intelligence and wisdom. This type of Dzi bead is also well documented in modern Asian circles for its "mysticism" and "power" by several people who wore them and survived near death experiences. This bead is often considered the unofficial wealth bead. The 9 eye Dzi bead may assist the owner of this bead to become rolling in wealth. The wealth will be gained through one’s own work. This bead attracts attention and assists in causing fame to increase. The nine eyed Dzi assists the entrepreneur in finding their ideas and strengths. The nine eyed Dzi bead assists its owner to Gather Wealth, Achieve Good Health, Success, Gain Power, Compassion, Glory, and Expelling Evil & Acts as a Protector. It is believed that the 9 eye Dzi bead is able assist its owner in achieving the Nine-fold Merits. The Nine-fold merits are compassion, glory, everlasting brightness, fame, dignity, authority, control, reputation and the removal of obstacles. Accumulation of meritorious virtue, increases compassionate, separates from suffering and gains advantage. Gathering the Nine-fold Merits, ensuring the growth in compassion, power and glory thus bringing about immense benefits.


配带者可情静祥和,净化身心,人见 人喜

Lotus Dzi Beads
Wishes for a pretty appearance and pleasant character with mental tranquility. Also read Lotus flower Dzi Bead. It is believed that the double lotus Dzi bead will help to promote the purity, calmness and charisma of its owner. It will also energize the relationships of the owner with the people around him and enhances his standing with them. This Dzi bestows attractiveness, calmness and purity. It cleanses the body and mind, and enhances human relationships.



Heaven & Earth Dzi Beads:

Earth is square. Heaven is circle. This Dzi bead combines the 3 main forces in the Universe: Dzi Heaven, Earth & Human. Captures the Energy from the Heaven & Earth, converts it into continuous moving energy to achieve one's goal. It can help you to make your dreams come true. Flawlessness in all areas of one’s life. It is believed that the sky and earth Dzi bead will assist its owner in achieving balance and harmony in his life. It'll also help to clear any obstacles which may cause harm to its owner. Wealth and good health will also be bestowed on its owner. Businessmen are fond of this Dzi bead as they believe that this bead will bring them great wealth and prosperity.


象征永恒与不朽, 生命的财富,生时,求健康,财富长寿

Nectar Dzi Beads:

Also called Nectar bottle. The nectar bead is a heart with a cross coming out of the top of it. Prevents death due to back luck, perfects your virtues establishment, helps owner to roll in wealth and gain longevity. Assists in bringing the "good things of life", the milk and honey to life. Nectar is the milk and honey for one's life. Assists in attracting the sweet things to the owner's life. All the good things, the great things one would desire for their life are brought to the owner of the nectar Dzi bead. This Dzi bead assists in opening doors, and making the path easy. Generates "feasting" on life. Assists life in becoming "better than you could ever imagine!" The bead can assist the owner in gaining charisma and presence with others.



Tiger Teeth Dzi Beads:

Tigers teeth on a bead will almost look like a wave pattern. The waves will be deeper and more pointed or chiseled than the wave pattern Dzi beads are. The tiger's teeth can be combined with other patterns to intensify the designs. Tiger's teeth Dzi beads can also come shaped like a tooth. The chalcedony has been carved and shaped like a tooth rather than the normal Dzi bead shape. Cultures a firm and persistent will, removes frustrations along the way, and guarantees for you a healthy life too. This Dzi bead can assist with follow through and "will-power." Can help owner to "stick-to-it" till it's finished. Assists in focusing on what's important thus allowing for more free time for true relaxation, free of guilt and stress. Tiger teeth Dzi can assist the owner with concentration, determination, and completion. The tiger teeth Dzi bead is also revered as a spiritual object, capable of keeping away evil things and bodily protection. It is suitable for an individual who faces more obstacles and wants to draw strength in overcoming them. Symbol of Wealth, Brings a Constant Stream of Wealth & Good Fortune, Gives one Extra Energy & Confidence to Overcome All Obstacles, Pacify Demons, and Symbolizes Will Power & Bestows Good Health. It is believed that the tiger tooth bead is able to instill in its owner a sense of determination to achieve the goals that he has set for himself as well as the ability to overcome any obstacles that may impede his path. It will energize the wearer and attracts good luck and health. Tiger teeth represent toughness and strength, removes obstacles and achieves success. Prevents calamities, averting misfortune, prospering business, multiplying wealth and improving health.


能去百病, 可遇良医, 修持药师法门必备之品相

Yuan Yi Xian Dzi Beads:
precious dzi which is extremely good for curing sickness,pain.


可增进人际关系, 得到贵人相助

GuiRen Dzi Beads:
getting positive energy, gives you high popularity among friends,colleagues,family. able to get good Samaritans help in whatever you do.

加强 运气的功能,也可以招财,工作也会步步高升。

RuYi Dzi Beads:
Whenever you see the markings of Ruyi next to the name of a specific Dzi bead, the Ruyi indicates a very sacred bead. The absolute most special and sacred of all of the Dzi beads will carry this marking. A Dzi bead with this marking has bean used either in a temple, by monks, or in an alter setting of some kind. The Ruyi bead is very special especially for the collector that wishes artifact beads with the purest and highest energy in them. These Ruyi beads also many times are Dzi beads that have proven themselves to work. The Ruyi notation is generally also indicative of a much older bead. The Ruyi notation is also generally found only on certain types of beads, for instance it will almost never be found on the number eyed beads. The Ruyi notation is probably the rarest and scarcest of all of the Dzi beads. Most collectors will only come across one or two of these notations during their entire collecting history.



Eight Protectors Dzi Beads:

By the power of the 8 protectors, it wards off evil spirits and forces. making one feel happy and positive.